Kinda/Sorta sounds like a bad tropical fruit version of ‘Plants vs Zombies,’ right? Well, that’s also kinda/sorta of what is happening to the global banana crop where all of the bananas are actually clones of the Cavendish variety. Sure, we may be concerned that one day some b-movie virus can kill off the world’s entire supply and we may need Brad Pitt to eradicate them all. But until that day comes, someone needs to make them less damn boring.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of bananas. Every once in a while they are good(usually when there’s nothing else to eat). But for the most part, I don’t really like the texture or the taste of them. That’s why I’m especially excited by what Sumifuru’s “Banana King” has done to the boring ole banana.

Starting on November 12th, “Banana King” is selling a new variety of banana nicknamed the “Bannapuru” which has infused the flavors of apple with a banana. Yes, apple + banana = bannapuru. Wow, mind blown.

Sadly, cool new freakfoods like this are only available outside of the United States. Its no surprise that these bananas are only available in Japan where it seems anything and everything cool seems to originate from there. No word yet on whether this variety will make its way over here to the United States.


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