Everybody likes Cheetos. Given the popularity of our Foods to make using flaming hot Cheetos post, we have decided to extend that awesomeness by showing you what type of Cheetos your international brothers and sisters are enjoying.

Ketchup Cheetos (Canada)

Ketchup flavor is a pretty common flavor in Canada, so I guess its not that surprising that Cheetos has their own variation. What’s next? Putting cheese and gravy on my french fries?

Source [twitter]

Seaweed Cheetos (Taiwan)

The Asian countries do love their seaweed. Salty, seaweed(y) and crunchy, the makings of a killer snack.

Source [Donoteatthis]

Strawberry Cheetos (Japan)

Frito-lays came out with a “sweet” line of Cheetos in Asia. This actually reminds me of Pocky, so I guess that’s okay.

Source [eonline.com]

Pepsi Cheetos (Japan)

Even the Japanese think this stuff is gawd awful. Apparently they shelved this product only a few months on the market because no one was buying them. Gee, I wonder why.

Source [philly.com]

Mountain Dew Flavored Cheetos (Japan)

Between this and the Pepsi flavored version, which one will lead you to the toilet faster?

Hello Kitty Cheetos (Japan – where else?)

Everything awesome has to have a Hello Kitty variation. Kind of like, you know, cars, planes and stuff.

Source [Korean Detour]

European Burger Cheetos (South Korea)

Can’t help but feel they might be a bit over-ambitious here.

Source [holonfoods]

Peanut Cheetos (Hungary)

In theory, this should be reasonably heathy. I mean, peanut is a legume, hence, these Cheetos should be a valuable source of protein therefore resulting in healthy muscles(unverified, obviously).

Source [Zopnow]

Masala Balls Cheetos (India)

Okay, this actually sounds pretty legit.

Source [Creamy Steaks]

Metaiko Mayonnaise Cheetos (Japan)

Metaiko mayo is a popular condiment that is used to flavor things such as pasta, burgers and everything in between. While we don’t use mayo, unless its to liven up a dry sandwich, the Japanese like it with everything. Cheetos is no exception.

Source [Creamy Steaks]

Avocado Salad Cheetos (Japan)

I guess that would make Cheetos healthy, right?

Strawberry Yogurt Cheetos (Vietnam)

Worst. Idea. Ever.