I can’t remember the last time any of us here at Foodamentals went to a truly ritzy restaurant, not with the salary this place is paying us. Plus, when most of our salaries are going towards rent rather than an extra value menu item, you know something is wrong with this place. But hey, its the price to pay to live in San Francisco.

Despite all of our complaints about San Francisco, it still doesn’t hold a handle to the reigning king of excess – Dubai. Of all the cities in the world, Dubai doesn’t dick around when it comes to luxury and overly indulgent experiences. Hence, we aren’t all that surprised that the world’s most expensive ice cream comes from the place known for the most expensive hotel suite, an indoor ski park and the world’s tallest building. Everything about Dubai, it seems, is all about luxury and larger-than-life abundance and excess. How else can you explain Dubai’s man-made islands in the form of the globe? How about can you explain the fact that Dubai offers vending machines that sell gold? Make no mistake about it-when it comes to luxury, Dubai rages harder than pre-teens at an EDM concert.

Given all the above, it isn’t a surprise that Dubai, of all the cities in the world, would be the home of Scoop Cafe, home of the world’ most expensive single scoop of ice cream. Coming in at a whopping $824, this ice cream better be made out of unicorn tears and be served in a sandal worn by Jesus Christ while I’m being fed by Adriana Lima.

So what makes this single scoop of ice cream so expensive? First, this ice cream scoops only uses the very best ingredients from the world. It’s vanilla is authentic Madagascar vanilla (Did you know the very best vanilla comes from this island off the southern end of Africa?) The ice cream also uses expensive saffron from Iran(saffron is one of the most expensive food ingredients on the planet). Mixed into the ice cream ball are Italian truffle slices. Topping it all off is 23k gold leaf. That’s right-when you bite into this ice cream ball, you’re eating gold! Not only is this ice cream’s ingredients expensive, the way it was made also involved unusual and costly processes using liquid nitrogen.

If you think this dessert’s sky-high cost is only explained by its ingredients or production process, think again. Scoop Cafe serves its creation on genuine Versace bowls and cutlery, which you are allowed to keep! You might want to keep this place on the backburner in case you really want to impress that Tinder date you just met last Thursday.

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