In the land of night markets and oyster pancke, you wouldn’t think Taiwan would be synonymous with curry rice. Its easy to forget the love that the Taiwanese people have for Japanese things – be it food, music or even colonial nostalgia – bleeds into many facets of Taiwanese pop culture. There is no denying that Taiwan has some of the best non-sushi Japanese food outside of Japan. Therefore, Japanese style curry rice should be no exception.

If you are looking for a change in your day-to-day eateries or just need a quick respite from eating too much Taiwanese style food, Japanese style curry should be your go-to alternative. This subtly sweet, non-spicy version that is beloved by people from all over East Asia is among the best things to eat all around Taiwan. Here are eight of the best according to Elle magazine.

NoName Curry カレーライス [Da’an District, Taipei]



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First up, NoName Curry House is offering Japanese style curries for the insane price of 100 NT! So for less than $4 USD you can sink your taste buds into smooth, savory, slightly sweet taste of one of the best curries in Taipei.

TEL 02 2701 2210
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Contrary to the instagram photo, there are actual tables at The restaurant insists on not using any excess oil or water for its curry and eaters have commented on how sweet the curry is as opposed to spicy. But if you are looking for that hit of spice, then curry powder is available for you adventurous eaters out there.
TEL 0900 776 010


富士咖哩 Fuji Curry [Da’an District, Taipei]



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This Mt. Fuji themed curry restaurant is no slouch. On top of curry they also serve curry soup, which, if you’ve ever had it in Japan then you know how insanely delicious it is.

富士咖哩 Fuji Curry
TEL 02 2737 2903
FB @fujicurry


別嗆大叔 [West District, Taichung]


The literal translation of this spot is “Don’t Irritate Uncle” but don’t try telling your taxi driver that cause they won’t know what the hell you are saying. Interestingly enough, the mashed potato looking thing on the side of the curry is NOT potatoes. Its actually known as a slippery egg. When the egg is mixed with the fried chicken and the curry you have a triple A rated meal!

TEL 04 2301 1625
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小次男咖喱所 [Guangfu Village, Taichung]



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This Japanese-styled shop is oozing with enough character to unleash your inner coffee-sipping hipster. That’s not to say this spot’s curry isn’t good. The guys in the back slip in an extra helping of cheese to thicken up the curry sauce and the egg is made extra runny because, well, they are nice guys.

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大丸家-手作炸雞甜甜圈[Midwest District, Taichung]

If the words FRIED CHICKEN DONUT elicit a response in your soul, then this is the place for you! Ring Ring Chicken(this shop’s english name) is renowned in Taiwan for one of the only places that makes their fried chicken in the shape of a donut. If you like cheese on your fried chicken, well too bad. Only because they only put cheese IN the middle of the donut. Now slather on some Japanese style curry on it and pair it with a scoop of rice then you know what heaven should taste like.

大丸家-手作炸雞甜甜圈/Ring Ring Chicken
FB @ringringchicken
IG @ringringchicken


OMHUT [Midwest District, Tainan]


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The menu at OMHUT is simple. Thats not to say its 105 NT($3 USD) curry isn’t world class. Its more a reflection of its focus – stellar curry on rice.

TEL 06 221 5008
FB @omhutkitchen
IG @omhut_kitchen




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Curry Dictionary(yet another ridiculous name) offers up a wide selection of curries. You can choose from  fruity sweet curry, coconut milk curry, European style black curry, Javanese curry or plain curry. With 5 types of curries you can come here Monday through Friday without having to repeat the same thing.

本家台灣咖哩/Curry Dictionary Restaurant
TEL 06 221 5008
FB @currydictionary
IG @194

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