Like they did with the American automobiles, the Germans are able to work their German engineering magic and improve on a crapload of American inventions. Cars are one thing, but now, they are even improving our barbeque sauces, which, to the labor day griller, is sacred ground and is akin to insulting someone’s mom. While I’m not advocating we go to war in order to capture these delicious sauces and bring them back to the US, if someone wants to start the petition, I’m sure there are bound to be people on kickstarter who can help you with it. Even though Heinz is an American company, best known for their ketchup, Heinz has really innovated in the land of sausages and beer with some pretty unique sauces.

The “American Sauce”

Because as Americans, we love spreading our own sauce around the world. This sauce contains shallots, tomatoes and parsley and is also known as “ketchup-mayo” sauce. Typically used by Europeans to dip their french fry’s in, the “American sauce” is a beloved favorite that probably will never gain a following in the US. Just because, I don’t know why mayo and french fries should ever go together. I’m sure my kidneys are glad I never have to find out.

Source [madmoizelle]

Heinz Curry Mango Sauce

This sounds badass. Although, I can’t imagine where I would need to get a curry+mango sauce out of a squeeze tube. Given its color, I’m guessing that it’s probably used as a condiment rather than as a cooking sauce.

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Exotic Sauce

Sounding like it belongs on the set of a porn movie, exotic sauce is a fruit based sauce often used on rice dishes and white meat.  I’m assuming that the mass majority of Germans do not understand the implications of “exotic sauce”  and its usage in pop/sex culture.

Source [Heinz]

Sun Dried Tomato

Guess this isn’t that bad. I can see this being a great compliment to my currywurst by adding a touch of tangy and sweetness to my sausage. (That actually sounded better in my head) Source [global grub]