Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. But those delicious, delicious sticks of crunchy perfection has now been turned into a chocolate drink. With that, we hear the sound of Asian girls squealing in delight.

Starting November 7th, at Tokyo’s Ezaki Glico’s “Glico and Kitchen” shop, shoppers can now purchase a warm cup of Pocky goodness for 380 yen. Of course, that doesn’t include the cost of your plane ticket from the United States, but whose counting?

Because it is Friday afternoon and its not quite happy hour, the Foodamentals staff decided to raise an interesting question. Why does it feel like our childhood foods seemingly mutate from one fun form to another? I mean, we already see the mish-mash of Asian foods now taking on burrito form. And now this. Well, the simple answer is that its all thanks to you, the fans. I remember those old Reese’s Pieces commercials where two people bump into each other. One person was eating a piece of chocolate. Another was holding a peanut butter bowl. Thanks to this accident, chocolate peanut butter yummy goodness is born. #winning

Anyhow, we may be getting off on the deep end. Or our sugar level is getting too low, but you never know what amazing food ideas lurk out there in the vast, cold, impenetrable reaches of the social media sphere. Some drunk frat boy might have dunked five day old gyros into whipped cream and sprinkled M&Ms on it and called it “Cherry Berry Awesome.”

We’ll be in line for that.

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