In what is another example that Japan gets all the coolest stuff, Krispy Kreme has unveiled an amazing new product that beats anything that us Yanks have ever created. Donut + Ice Cream in a glorious little cup called “Donut Ice.” For a limited time, Krispy Kremes in Japan will offer one of their signature glazed doughnuts topped with ice cream, but only until July 14th. So if you need your fix, you better hop on Kayak and buy your plane ticket, like, right now.

For this limited-time offer, Krispy Kreme has unveiled two mouthwatering flavors of these doughnut sundaes.

Is that caramel popcorn on top? Mind Blown…

Donut caramel ice & yogurt  – A glazed donut topped off with vanilla ice, almond, caramel and popcorn. All this for 450 yen($5.50 USD)

Now this is getting ridiculous. I need this, right now.

“Donut ice and blueberry yogurt” – A glazed donut is topped with vanilla ice cream, blueberries and granola. Price is 450 yen($5.50 USD)

In both of these epic creations,  customers will enjoy their doughnut topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, almonds, and caramel popcorn, which results in a now-obvious salty sweet combination that looks divine. For people with an intense sweet tooth, Krispy Kreme has another option that features vanilla ice cream with blueberry sauce and granola.

Basically, Japan has beaten the United States at being American. They might as well take barbecue, baseball, and Kate Upton and improve them too.

Source [] Cover Photo [flickr]