Venerable Japanese burger chain, Lotteria, recently announced they are offering a “ramen burger” starting on May 20th. For the uninitiated, New York City was the epicenter of a ramen burger craze  that took hold of Brooklyn due to  Keizo Shimamoto creating the first ever ramen burger in summer of 2013. People scoured far and wide, lined up for hours, and instagrammed the hell out of the beef patty wedged between two pieces of fried ramen “buns.”  The Japanese, not content to stand pat and let the United States butcher one of its greatest inventions, decided to launch their own offensive. Behold, the ramen burger(by Lotteria) otherwise known as the “great victory eaves original noodle burger.”(Thanks Google Translate)

According to Lotteria, this ramen burger aims to “overturn common sense of how to each burgers.”  Apparently, it can also alter the time-space continuum. But I digress. Unlike the US ramen burger, the noodles act as the “patties” that are wedged in between the two pieces of bread. Each burger comes with a side of dipping sauce, fish sauce and mayo.

For people who just can’t get enough carbs between the noodles and the bread, there is the option to add on additional ramen patties for a small price. One patty runs you about $8 USD, whereas two patties is about $8.70 while the behemoth three patties is about $9.30 USD. If you must have this, book your plane tickets now as this burger will only be available between May 20th 2014 to mid June.

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