Languages are a funny thing. On one hand, it can open up your mind and teach your emotions and feelings that you never knew could be conveyed. On the other hand, language done wrong… Well, browse through and you be the judge.

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I’m sure the FDA will have something to say about this. Anyone think Safeway will start selling this soon?

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At least you know what you are getting yourself into when you eat this dish.

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Dammit. I only wanted the fried version.

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I don’t even know what this is saying anymore. The Chinese words on the restaurant come out to “Old Beijing Snacks.”

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Anyone want to try this and tell me how it is? Actually, try it, but don’t tell me. I’m not that curious.

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At least they are honest about their food.

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Must be refreshing on a hot summer day.

Well shoot, why even bother then?

No comment here.


Well this just ended anything and everything.

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Not food related, but damn, she knows where its at.