That’s it. I’m calling it. We have just witnessed the greatest food mashup ever.

The guys at Culinary Bro-down have managed to conceive a collective f-you to the entire culinary world by putting together this wondrous concoction of crunchiness, tastiness and deliciousness. Any more ‘ness and I’m afraid I’m be going to jail. But look at it. The mishmash of Canadian culture infused with Japanese noodle perfection have created the ramen poutin fries. A food that was previously unknown in the entire world.

The ramen noodles are created by cooking and freezing the noodles and slicing them into smaller strips.  Additionally, a beautiful layer of gravy and some cheese curds round out this beautiful dish.

My words do nothing for this. I encourage to head on over and get the recipe here.

Source [culinarybrodown]