Ahh, good ole internet, you never cease to amaze me. At least, that is what I tell myself everyday until I turn up to the next Donald Trump rant. But I digress. What the internet does do well is be a never ending source of inspirational foods and crazy cat stories. While we aren’t ones to pass up a good cat story here and there, we are pretty sure our readers(you) probably wouldn’t wanna come back.

But check this out. In Kurashiki, a small town in the middle of Osaka and Hiroshima, there is a store/street that sells everything and anything that has to do with denim. Everything from denim pants to denim shorts to denim… foods? 

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Only at Kurashiki Denim Street [倉敷デニムストリート] are you able to get your fill of denim inspired ice cream, denim buns and more importantly, denim burgers. Sure, we are fans of men’s ripped denim shorts as the next person is, but when we just can’t take our eyes off of these meat filled steamed buns that remind us of the buns you get on the streets of Taipei. Warm and fluffy, they are colored just like the denim that the store sells.

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In addition, there is soft serve ice cream in the same denim blue.

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Lastly, we have the denim burger with a chicken(or possibly pork) patty with shredded lettuce and topped off with what I assume, is somebody’s special sauce.

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So hey, if you are around the area, definitely check out Kurashiki Denim Street for some shorts, food and throwback photos. Your friends will surely be impressed.

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Kurashiki Denim Street [倉敷デニムストリート]
Address: 岡山県 倉敷市 中央 1(map)

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Source [retrip] Image [cao_life instagram]