The US is probably, if not, the most diverse country in the entire world. But from a food perspective, the Asians have us beat when it comes to creativity and out-of-this world concepts. Case in point – Taiwan’s Pizza Hut has recently introduced their newest culinary concoction. A pizza crust made in the form of a bo lo bao(菠蘿包) or pineapple bun.  When it comes to putting the pedal to the metal, Taiwan Pizza Hut has taken the pole position.

For the uninitiated, a bo lo bao(菠蘿包) is a pastry that is vaguely shaped like a pineapple but doesn’t actually contain any pineapple at all. They are a common staple in any Chinese bakery and have a fanatical following in Hong Kong.

The cap or crust on top of the bread is sweet and made from the same type of dough that is used in sugar cookies. Frankly, having eaten bo lo bao throughout my life, the bun isn’t very sweet and for people with stronger palates, could use a bit more sweetness. In Hong Kong, a large slab of butter is usually added to the bun itself.

A voyeuristic shot of pineapple(bo lo bao) crust.

Check your blood pressure, like, right now.

Pixnet user [Jimmy] has a fantastic review of what the bo lo bao crust looks like(in Chinese). Check it for some adorable pictures of his daughter posing with some pretty ridiculous pizza.

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