File this one under too weird to be true, but is totally true.

While the Lunar/Chinese New Years festivities have been in full force in the last week, netizens in Taiwan reportedly have caught wind of the Buddhist deity, Guanyin(觀音菩薩), working at a McDonald’s in Taiwan during this holiday season. Traditionally, Guanyin is also known as the goddess of mercy  and in this case, she is bringing blessings to your breakfast Egg McMuffin with a cup of coffee and a hash brown. Either way, customers are walking out with a meal fit for the gods.

It isn’t uncommon for stores to run some kind of sale and gimmick to get customers into the store during the Chinese New Years celebration. However, this may be the first time where a fast food restaurant has turned to using godly figures to run their cash registers in hopes of filling it. I mean,  what ever happened to the cat with the waving arm?

The McDonald’s, located at Linsen South Road in Taipei,  ran this odd promotion between February 18th to 22nd, smack dab in the middle of the Lunar New Years. Managers dedicated this promotion as a way to (hopefully) increase foot traffic in bring in good luck for the New Years.


The Jade emperor has also gotten in on the action, working as a greater at the front door.


Rather than red envelops, hopefully these employees received their dignity back after the promotion has ended. Frankly, if any McDonald’s store manager made this sort of request in the United States, someone is getting tarred and feathered.

This just shows that anyone, regardless if they are an all powerful heavenly deity, can unexpectedly fall on hard times and need to work at McDonald’s

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