The staff here at Foodamentals is a huge fan of obscure, yet, recognizable foods from all around the world. So, imagine how giddy we were when we recently stumbled upon a McFlurry that is native to Malaysia, but not the US. On our latest trek, the Foodamentals staff stopped by Penang, a small island city located in western Malaysia where we were able to live out our repressed “speed demon” fantasies by zipping around Penang on motorized scooters. Yes, I do realize we probably lowered our sexiness factor 10x by mentioning that, but its not like writing about fast food is scoring us major chicks. #noshame


Our editor, Andy Blake, looking out over Batu Ferringhi and not falling into the Indian Ocean.

Before we get into the review, we need to first level set for our American readers who may be unfamiliar with Horlicks. Horlicks is a multi-national company known for its line of malt/dairy powder mix that is served using the same process as Ovaltine. Essentially, the powder is mixed with hot water, resulting in a drink that is mildly sweet and has a rich, but not overbearing, aroma of dairy. Every time I drink Horlicks, it makes me want to grab the nearest stuffed toy and a blanket all while planting myself into a fetal position. It definitely has that soothing taste that reminds you of your childhood.

I can’t say I had any expectations going into this, but in my mind, anything with Horlick’s can’t possibly suck. It’s like eating flaming hot cheetos, which the only way you can possibly lose, is by not eating enough of it. Therefore, at less than $2 USD, it was a worthwhile investment to make.



My oh my, this is the McFlurry to end all McFlurries. As expected, smooth vanilla ice cream forms the base. Sprinkles of Horlick’s are mixed in with pieces of malt candy to give it a dairy flavor that has a nice crunch to it. The best way I can describe it is if someone had taken Whoppers malt balls candy, mixed it up with some vanilla ice cream, and then threw some light milk powder on top. It’s not overly sweet and there isn’t too much dairy on it to scare the crap(literally) out of lactose intolerant people, but you definitely know you are eating a dairy product.


So, did I like McDonald’s Horlick’s McFlurry? Yeah. Would I fly back 6,000 miles to Malaysia to try it again? Maybe. But hey, the point being is that is a pretty nice treat for a price point that I can’t bitch about. Maybe next time I’ll try the Durian Crunch McFlurry…..

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