Here at Foodamentals, we are a sucker for cheap, albeit, delicious eats around the world. Through our travels, we’ve seen and eaten some of the most delicious foods in all the world on the side of the world. We whole heartily believe the nonchalant and accessible street stalls really define many of the intrinsic cultural values that you can’t experience using your eyes. The smells, the colors and the taste are what really brings a country’s culture to life.

With all that said, Tokyo is definitely one of those places. Japan has always been a country that has excelled at exporting its stuff. With the American love for ramen taking place in the country, it is no surprise that in Tokyo, that love is beyond anything we experience here stateside.


What better way to experience that love for yourself than at 6 of the best, cheapest ramen places around Tokyo. Personally, I get my jollies by paying very little but getting a lot. So grab yourself a cheap weekend trip ticket to Japan and tell me if we are smoking something when we put this list together.


Mensoken (麺創研かなで紅)



Must Eat: Red Ramen (紅ラーメン) -¥890円

For about $8.50 USD you can set you lips ablaze with red miso ramen which is not only spicy, but comes with a shit load of veggies so your mom would be proud.  Ample meat paired with a spicy broth is sure to make you sweat like a pig.

Address: 東京都 府中市 寿町 1-2-3
Next to the Fuchu(府中駅) subway station
Phone: +81 42-361-7792


Ooshima (大島)


Must Eat: Miso Ramen(味噌) – 790円

Coming in at less than $8 USD, the miso ramen is the flag bearer for all things Japan when it comes to ramen.  Essentially, the miso ramen here hails from Hokkaido, which is characterized by its oh-so-delicious broth. Locals comment on the fact that you can’t leave without drinking all the soup. High blood pressure and all.

Name: 大島
Address: 東京都 江戸川区 船堀 6-7-13
Phone: +81-3-3680-2601


Miso Mendo Koro Hanamichi (味噌麺処 花道)

Must Eat: Miso Ramen(味噌ラーメン) – 800円

This miso ramen is a tremendous value at around $6.60 USD. So if your wallet is light but your stomach is empty, then Miso Mendo Koro Hanamichi has got you covered with this pork flavored concoction that has delighted foreigners and locals alike.  You might have to head out to the perimeter of Tokyo for this, but that train ride will be worth it.

Name: 味噌麺処 花道
Address: 東京都 中野区 野方 6-23-12
Close to Nogata station


Otsukaya (大塚屋)



Must Eat: “Karamiso” Ramen – 750円

For about $7 USD, you can get this semi spicy, all delicious miso ramen for the price that you would pay for two grande soy lattes. All you need to know is this shit is spicy so best to bring your own milk from the Lawson’s right around the corner.

Name: 大塚屋
Address: 東京都 新宿区 市谷田町 3-2 TOUビル 1F
Close to Ichikaya station


Hanada (花田)



Must Eat: Miso Ramen(味噌ラーメン) – 790円

You probably have $6.50 lying around the house, if so, then you can afford the miso ramen from Hanada from located somewhere northwest of Tokyo. This mild ramen has a slight kick to it. The thick noodles the garlic come together to form what some religion would call “heaven.”

Name: 花田 池袋店
Address: 東京都 豊島区 東池袋 1-23-8 東池袋ISKビル 1F
Close to Ikebukuro station


Matador @ Toggushi


Must Eat: Luxury Miso (贅沢濃厚味噌らぁ麺) – 1100 円

Although the price here at Matador is lightly more expensive than the 5 other shops, you aren’t getting jipped with some cheap shit that you get in the San Francisco Fidi.  For about $9.14 USD,  you can sink your teeth into thick cut ROASTED BEEF, minced pork lotus root all sitting together in one bowl. Try doing that in San Francisco. Just try.

Name: 牛骨らぁ麺マタドール 本店
Address: 東京都 足立区 千住東 2-4-17 中村ビル1F
Close to Kita-Senju station


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