Call me cynical, but every time I hear of home cure-all remedies, I tend to look at it with skepticism. That is not to say that it won’t work, which I’m all for trying especially if it doesn’t hit my wallet hard and doesn’t involve drinking cow shit coffee, then I’m totally game.

According to a recent article from Buzzhand, a Chinese publication akin to a mashup between Buzzfeed and Elite Daily, banana peels are able to perform everything from healing cracked skin to acting as an inflammatory all the way to preventing frostbite. All we are missing from this miracle skin is the ability to re-enact the entire Harry Potter films and craft a hand knit sweater made out of rubberbands. But otherwise, it sounds pretty cool.

Here is the entire list of miracles that the banana peal is able to perform

  1. Cure athlete’s foot: rub it on and feel the magic happen.
  2. Heals badly chapped skin: rub it against your skin
  3. Keep your skin lubricated: same as above, rub it, rub it real good.
  4. Act as a wrinkle remover ala a facial mask: leave it on your face for a good 10 minutes then wash the residue off.
  5. Aid in the treatment of ringworms: rub it against it.
  6. Keep your leather sofas and goods in perfect condition: yup, you guessed it, rub it all around your leather goods. Can’t promise your furniture/goods won’t smell like bananas, so use at your own risk.
  7. Maintain your leather shoes: same as above.
  8. The banana peel is great for treating hypertension: eat the peel.
  9. Treat hemorrhoid pain: doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this will/should be applied.
  10. Cures hangovers: boil some water and throw the peel in and drink it.
  11. Solution for canker sores: throw the peel into boiling water, add some brown sugar to the mix and drink the result.
  12. Cures toothaches: cook the peels in a stew alongside sugar.
  13. Cures blood in the stool: fire roast two banana peels and eat them to keep your poop blood free. Try telling your insurance company you no longer need their services before of two peels.

Can’t say I’m super jazzed about any of this since I’m of the Asian American generation where my parents believe anything in the Chinese newspaper is gospel. However, if you have tried or will try any of these magical processes, drop us a line in the comment.

Source [buzzhand] Picture Source [flickr]