In what we consider another shot in the heart is the fact that Asia continues to get all the coolest stuff. Earlier this summer, Starbucks Taiwan introduced a special purple version of their Frappucino drink that was created for the local market. Considering the thought of drinking potatoes is as appealing as grilling cow intestines at a barbeque, its no surprise this Frap is an Asia-only thing.

Named the Purple Sweet Potato Milk Cream Frappucino(紫甜薯奶霜星冰樂), this Frap was part of a limited edition global campaign that Starbucks did for certain countries. The concept came by the way of a Frappucino contest in which people pitched their best ideas in hopes of getting it made and boom, this purple potato drink won out in Taiwan.

Sadly the promotion stopped on August 25th and even then, it was only limited to like 20 cups a day. So the chances of scoring one was lower than catching Lindsay Lohan on a sober day.

However, no one said you couldn’t make this yourself. According to the TVBS article and Google translate, all you need is purple potato flavoring, ice, brown sugar and whipped cream. So head over to your local grocery store and see if you can round it up. Good luck.

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