This here is real guilt in its most physical manifestation. Let me introduce you to the Chocolate ice cream taco at New York’s El Vez. I repeat. Chocolate. Ice cream. Taco. Somehow, someone decided to take the three things I love more than my own imaginary children, and merge them into one sexy, orgasmic orgy. And the fun type of orgy too…not the one where its all a bunch of washed up swingers that you see on those Discovery Health specials.

A crunchy waffle taco filled with dulce de leche ice cream and covered with chocolate fudge & peanuts, El Vez’s dessert gift from heaven is practically everything I’ve missed out on in my college frat days but under the respectable guise of taking a Series-7 prep class.

Mexican restaurant El Vez is located in the highly underrated Battery Park area of NYC, which makes it a prime spot for venturing your taste buds this summer. Definitely wouldn’t mind having my dessert first at this joint.

Can someone make a photo calendar of these tacos?