As if people weren’t constantly reminded of the disparity between the rich and the poor, a burger restaurant in South Korea has been serving a classic American hamburger with one slight alteration.

It is topped with gold.

Yes, pure gold flakes adorn the top of this American creation, looking as if it belongs in some kind of Rick Ross music video. I feel as if I need to pull out my bank statements, just so I can validate myself as someone worthy of looking at its pictures.

Farmers Barn in Seoul created this rich monstrosity by making it a full fledged assault on your taste buds and your wallet. Known as the “palace burger,”  its topped off with cheese, mustard leaf, onion, black garlic and gold flakes. For 19,800 won(~$20 USD), its the most expensive burger on the menu.  For the curious, check out this write-up on the experience of eating this badassery of a burger.

종로구 권농동 157 Seoul, Korea
Price ₩19,800($19 USD)