Hong Kong is one of those places where you’ll never starve.  No matter if you are rich, poor or filthy frickin’ rich, the humongous swarth of available cuisines will leave you satisfied and on the verge of a food coma.

On the flipside, having too many choices can make lunch time more nightmarish than BOGO at Payless Shoe Source. So to help you out, here is a quick(and easy) guide to stuffing your face full of noodles in Hong Kong.

1. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

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Keeping it easy and simple, who doesn’t like beef noodle soup? Even in Hong Kong, the beloved island classic from Taiwan is sure to alleviate any hunger pangs that you have. Being the first stop, we are recommending you start it off with a bang. 請坐, which translates to please sit, is a neighborhood joint founded by a mother/daughter duo from Taiwan. A rich, hearty bone stew mixed with noodles and piled high with beef and beef tendons, this beef noodle soup is bound to help you start your journey on the right foot! For $58 HKD($7.50 USD), it satisfies without breaking the bank.

請坐qǐng zuò
Address: 西營盤水街27號 (map)
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2a. Pickled Clam Noodles 泡椒蜆肉燃麵

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Your second stop is to consume two distinct noodle fares inspired from the Sichuan region of China. This clam noodles is mixed with ample dandan chili oil(噹噹辣油) but also coated with a generous heaping of Sichuan chilis and peppers. Brace yourself, this shit is going to get wilder than a ride at Universal Studios… Orlando!

2b. Pickled Beef Tenderloin Noodles 泡椒牛腩麵

Damn. We hope your stomach is half empty, because now, we are talking. This beef brisket broth mixed with some Sichuan pickles is a great contrast to the beef noodle soup that you just ate. The mix of slightly sour with the nice crunch contrasts nicely with the softness of the beef. Dig in my friends!

Address: 九龍大角咀鐵樹街金堂閣地下17A號 (map)
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3a. Three Red Rice Noodles 三鮮紅米線

Next is a taste of Yunnan, a distinct province with very different foods than what we typically associate with Chinese food. The owner is a descendant of the Hani people and has lived in Hong Kong for the last ten years. Thank goodness she made her way here because now we can take a stab at eating her special red rice noodles. Granted, the red noodles don’t taste any different from regular, non-red, noodles. But this slightly hot, slightly sour concoction truly, coma inducing. Just the way we like it.

3b. Secret Fried Pork Noodles 秘製油渣麵

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Yes, I realize the name of it doesn’t make it sound appetizing. But Google translate is not my friend today. However, the pork in this dish is deep fried till all of the oil is fried out. In a way, its kind of like eating chitlins, a staple of Southern American cuisine.  The difference in this version is the slightly sour taste that creates a riveting contrast to the rest of the dish.

錦盛食店 Kam Shing Restaurant
Address: 太子砵蘭街456號B (map)
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4. Dan Dan Noodles with Tea Egg 五花、滷蛋招牌渣渣麵

Bomb, bomb and bomb. For anyone who has followed any sort of Asian food culture, you know that dandan noodles is one of the most underrated dishes all across Asia.  This $34 HKD version is no exception to the rule, that all dandan noodles soup be enshrined in some hall of fame somewhere.

Address: 元朗屏會街9號同發大廈地下P4號舖
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5. Spanish Mackerel Noodle Soup 馬鮫魚湯麵

Source weekendhk

Its the home stretch, don’t quit on us yet!  This Fujian province, inspired, noodle dish is your last hurdle before you hit your bed, hard. This mackerel fish stock is paired pork so it goes down easily.

Address: 北角錦屏街25號地舖 (map)

Source [weekendhk] Cover Photo [flickr]