What is that a picture of you ask? According to the Taiwanese interwebs, this new trend is hotter than Ronaldo(at the moment) and is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread. It looks like the Taiwanese are getting hyphy off of taking some perfectly tasty Asian instant noodles and throwing in cups of pudding into the soup. I don’t know what compelled the first person to come up with this monstrosity, but its obvious that it is ill suited for regular consumption but would  fit right in some college kid’s dorm room.

Unlike some other, more awesome, trends in Taiwan, this doesn’t excite me as much…

Quick note here. In Taiwan, “pudding” comes in plastic cups and are sold at every convenience store at every corner of the country. Calling it pudding is probably a misnomer. In fact, it’s actually caramel flan. The yellow portion is made from real fake eggs and the darker region is, in fact, caramel mixed with brown sugar. Consistency wise, it feels like jello but it definitely tastes more eggy.

Anyhow, this pudding stuff is pretty ripping/awesome.  You’ll find this stuff being sold in convenience stores all across Taiwan and in some pretty weird places that it wasn’t designed to be. Just like on top of this snow ice which was found at the Shilin Night Market in Northwestern Taipei.


How did this trend come to be? Well it all started with a picture(the one at the top) then these two fairly popular online personalities put together the following video and things just blew up from there. Next thing you know, boom, people all over Taiwan are making pudding noodles at home and ravaging their toilets.

For non-speakers of the Taiwanese/Hokkien dialect, you can follow the screen grabs and the caption.taiwan_ramen_puddingramen

Apparently, the hosts make a quick disclaimer that they don’t know what this will taste like. Their assumption is that it’s either going to bomb, of they are going to get diarrhea. Either way, its makes for some pretty awesome low brown entertainment. As you can see,  the pudding is just swimming in a cup of “meat bone vegetable” instant noodles. It doesn’t have a cutesy name like a Sushirrito but the visual is bound to be seared into your brain by now.

taiwan_ramen_puddingramen_2Step 1 – Open up your cup of instant noodles and dump the contents of your pudding cup directly on top of the dry noodles

taiwan_ramen_puddingramen_3Step 2 – WU-HO!(verbatim) Set your timer and add in some hot water.

taiwan_ramen_puddingramen_4Step 3 – It smells like miso ramen! Smells hella nice! Let the noodles sit for a bit so that it can soften in the hot water. Afterwards, start breaking up the pudding with your chopsticks.


Step 4 – Let me try drinking the soup.


Step 5 – BEEJEEZUS! This stuff is pretty damn good. It’s slightly sweet, but it tastes like miso ramen!

Obviously these guys have lost all use of their taste buds, or they’ve smoke out recently and everything tastes bomb. Some Taiwanese internet users have swore that the pudding actually makes the soup tastes like corn whereas others have echoed our host’s ramen sentiments. Which leads me to wonder… If it tastes like miso and corn, and you actually like it. Why wouldn’t you just add in miso and corn to begin with?


Picture Source [yenbakery] News Source [tvbs.com.tw]