According to the NYTimes’ newly created “The Fried Calamari Index,” ramen noodles are one of the highest trending food items in 2014. The ramen craze doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon as evidenced by the recent clusterf*ck known as the Ramen Festival that took place in San Francisco.

If the Ramen Festival has taught us anything is that people are willing to wait 4 hours just to get a bite of an $8 bowl of noodles. Fortunately, we are all pretty lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where there are plenty of ramen shops. Popular(and well known) ramen places in the San Francisco Bay Area include such big names as Santa Ramen in San Mateo, Orenchi in San Jose and a smattering of places up and down the East Bay. The fact that ramen has never been more popular has resulted in long and ridiculous waits for those looking to satiate their craving for those delicious wheat noodles.

Being totally impatient, Foodamentals decided to conduct our own in-depth, high unscientific and totally biased research on this ramen matter. Rather than continually go to uber popular places and wait hours, the staff wanted to find the most under-the-radar ramen places in the bay area. To us, under-the-radar means 3 things.

  1. Must have less than 1000 yelp reviews(eg. Katana-ya has over 3000 yelp reviews)
  2. Must not have a ridiculous wait in line. A couple minutes is okay. An hour is no-go.
  3. The ramen can’t suck.

So who makes our list? Click through the numbers below to find out!