RamenSEAS // South Bay

173 South Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Less than 200 Yelp reviews

A good friend of ours, who runs bread.rice.pasta, tipped us off on a ramen place in the South Bay that is making waves for its unique spin on the classic ramen noodle. RamenSEAS is located in downtown Sunnyvale, right next to the Sunnyvale Caltrain station. While its specialty is traditional ramen in both shoyu and tonkotsu broth, its miso clam ramen and seafood ramen(oyster, clam, shrimp) really made us regret that fact that human beings only had one stomach.


We were joined at this meal by Japanese food connoisseur Karin, who we asked to provide us with another slant to this review. The broth of the spicy tonkatsu ramen was rich, creamy and full bodied. Habanero is used as part of the “house spicy sauce” to create a tonkotsu broth whose spiciness sits towards the middle of the mouth as opposed to most “flaming hot” tonkotsu that sits deeper near the throat and into the stomach. The result is a fully flavor bowl of ramen in which you can really taste the difference between the broth and the wheat noodles.


The noodles were not too chewy, not too thin and had a satisfying bounce as you bit into them.  The chasu pork had an expected sweet tinge to it that wasn’t overpowering, but instead, provided a nice contrast to the general saltiness of the pork.

Overall, I really like this place. It’s clean, damn delicious and more importantly, there was absolutely no wait at all, even though we came in on a Sunday night. Definitely come here before this place gets overrun by foodies!

Pro Tip
Show up anytime you want. There’s no line!