Honorable Mention


The Ramen Bar // San Francisco

252 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Less than 200 Yelp reviews

The brain child of renowned restauranteur Michael Mina, The Ramen Bar is located on California Street, between David and Front. If you are driving(why would you ever do this in the FiDi) you’ll probably miss it from the street. The Ramen Bar is modernized take on the traditional ramen experience infused with elements of Chipotle quick serve techniques and catered to the lunch time FiDi crowd. You’ll order fast, get served fast and get back to work. Fast.

The reason why The Ramen Bar is an “honorable mention” and isn’t part of the other hidden gems is because that its simply, not that great to begin with. First of all, its expensive. With an average price of $14 dollars, its definitely not on par with the standard acceptable pricing of Ramen. Secondly, while the ingredients are fantastically fresh, the combination and flavor just didn’t do it for me.

Honestly, the only reason I would come back again is if I’m tired of all the other lunch options in the FiDi and I desperately wanted to fulfill my ramen craving for the day. But maybe, that’s reason enough since when work is dragging, I could really use a hot pipping bowl of ramen to perk me up.