You do know that Halloween is fast coming up. What? You haven’t gotten around buying a pumpkin and carving the gnarliness out of it yet? Well, the staff here at Foodamentals can’t blame you cause you know, we all have slightly more important stuff(such as a full time job) taking up our time. Its understandable that your pumpkin carving skills are not being sharpened this time of year.


Cinagro Farms obviously saw a gap in the market place and has taken the liberty of helping out all those busy people. In what is obviously a first world problem, they have produced pumpkins that are pre-shaped in the mold of a frankenstein, so essentially, liberating us from actually doing any real carving. The media has dubbed them “Pumpkinsteins” and unfortunately, they are all sold out.

But never fear, Cinagro Farms not only specializes in pumpkins but also molded watermelons in various shapes, the most popular of which is a square watermelon.


This entire method of molding fruits is not new. In fact, in Japan, the reshaping of watermelons is commonplace and these watermelons can be found in markets all over. But hey, it doesn’t matter if its been done, its new to me.


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