Japan is known for many things, of which, themed cafes are one of its main sources of bewilderment and tomfoolery. From eating curry rice while anime maids serve you in a maid cafe or dining with cats while you drink your espresso, there is a theme cafe for just about everyone.  An izakaya in northern Tokyo called Kayabukiya Tavern(居酒屋 かやぶき) has the distinction of being the only restaurant in the world where monkeys will serve you beer and provide you hot towels. 

Two Japanese macaque monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan not only act as waiters at their owner’s izakaya, but they also act as entertainment for the patrons. One of the monkeys will provide you with a hot pre-meal towel, whereas the other will serve you beer. Due to Japanese animal rights laws, these monkey are not working for peanuts, but instead, they get paid/tipped in soy beans. Now, if somehow this model can be adapted for the human world…

The monkeys will also come by, climb on you and sit on your shoulder while you eat. While everyone has their own definition of entertainment, if I wanted to pay money to get climbed on, I would go to a stripclub. But hey, to each their own.

The adorable primates are only allowed work 2 hours per day. Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of the two monkeys, owner Kaoru Otsuka plans to train(or have already trained) 3 additional monkeys to offset the current workload. If this keeps up, either Otsuka is going to be rolling in cash or inadvertently creating his own version of the Planet of the Apes.

Given that there are so many animal theme cafes ranging from cat cafe, to dog cafe and now monkey cafes. Do you think its possible there will ever be a bear cafe? The “bear mauling” liability insurance would probably be too expensive.

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