jakarta_nasiayamgulai_topshot The word gourmet and 7-Eleven have never appeared in the same sentence, and for good reason. In the United States, 7-Elevens are akin to gas station pitstops – convenience at the price of sanitation. If like most people, and by most, I mean not Britney Spears and her barefoot ways, we don’t typically seek out a 7-Eleven until we have to. In Indonesia, 7-Elevens have become the hot spot for wi-fi seeking youths on a Saturday night. While we have good ole American mystery meat sausages and day-old hot dogs, our friends over in Indonesia get to gorge on decidedly more delicious fares such as nasi ayam gulai – an Indonesia chicken curry rice dish. Nasi ayam gulai is essentially chicken curry topped off on white rice. Usually, you would get large chunks of chicken meat, most often in drumstick format. However, because we are talking about a convenience store here, 7-Eleven’s version comes in a paper bowl. While the presentation leaves something to be desired, the paper bowl is pretty appropriate for use when squatting on the sidewalk while holding a fly swatter. When you purchase a nasi ayam gulai, the attendant will microwave it for you behind the counter. Best of all, you don’t need to tip them anything other than with a smile and a thumbs up. jakarta_nasiayamgulai_sideshot The taste of the nasi ayam gulai can be best described as if someone jazzed up my rice with a shot of lemongrass and a pint of human growth hormones, it really does a body good. It is spicy, but not in an overbearing way. The muted kick that you feel in the back of your mouth, will come after you swallow your bite of chicken. The red chili and the lemongrass offer a savory and spicy contrast that goes surprisingly well with the white rice. jakarta_nasiayamgulai_closeup The chicken is pretty nicely textured as the meat was surely fried and then shredded into smaller pieces. It’s probably not as satisfying as eating an entire chunk of meat, but for 18000 rupiah($1.50 USD) you can’t really complain. Think of it this way, you are paying the same price for a slim jim(in the US) as you would for this bowl of curry chicken rice. Source [7-Eleven Facebook]