When we think delicious churros, the last thing that comes to mind is Korea. Usually we think of Mexico as being the birthplace of churros, but that is not completely correct. The origin of churro’s are debatable. With some people believing the churro is actually a descendant of a Chinese youtiao that was later brought over to Europe by early traders to China. Regardless, there is no denying the fact that churros are delicious as hell.

South Korea’s version of a “street churro”

As with many topics that we cover on Foodamentals, many Western foods have undergone some pretty drastic and ridiculous transformations when they make their ways over to Asia.  That is not to say, these transformations aren’t positive(because they usually are). But, the things that we’ve seen in Asia are often times more creative than anything we have ever seen back home.

I’m not trying to incite a debate on the “authenticity” of cuisines, but rather, I’m just saying we should be celebrating the creativity of foods because shit is f’en delicious.

Street Churros is a South Korean based dessert chain that has been making waves all around Asia with their take on churros. With branches in Taipei and even a food truck in Hollywood, Street Churros has taken the already delicious churro and blasted it into the stratosphere.

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One of the most popular dessert shops in all of Seoul and Taipei at this very moment, Street Churros’ hottest seller is their cinnamon+sugar churro served alongside soft serve ice cream. For a price of 3000 won(~$3 USD), it is cheaper than your daily Frappucino.

Hot dog churro. Experience this in Korea.

Hot dog churro. Experience this in Korea.

But the changes don’t stop there. In fact, Street Churros has also introduced this hot dog wrapped in a churro that’s just blowing my mind right now.  Although, I’d be the first to admit, that combo just doesn’t sounds good to me. But hey, to each their own.

While the full fledged shops aren’t here in the United States, if you are ever in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the food truck version of Street Churros.

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