With the summer heat coming and going, seemingly without any foreseeable patterns or reasons, trying to stay cool is a struggle. I’m not talking about throwing on a pair of Ray-ban wayfarer glasses either, I’m talking about staying ice, freezing-frickin’, cool. 

Starting on July 26th,  if you find yourself in Kyoto and need a quick chilling respite along with the need to get completely blitzed drunk, head over  Sanjo Ohashi Department Store(三条大橋店).  For a limited time, Rooftop Highball Garden will be serving a Yamazaki flavor shaved ice. The only shaved ice I have ever seen that is aimed strictly at adults. 

Two limited run offerings, “sleet Yamazakai” and “Sleet Kirasu” are served alongside a bowl of shaved ice that is “flavored” with sweet syrup and a squeeze of lemon juice. Further, a small sip of carbonated water is served alongside all this. I guess for people who think a sip of expensive Japanese whiskey is all too pretentious, then perhaps this will less that stigma? I really don’t know… to each their own I guess.

We actually prefer our whiskey on the rocks. With a square chunk of pretentious $10 ice cube.

Address 〒604-8004  京都府京都市中京区三条通河原町東入中島町110 三条フォーラムビル屋上

Source [PRTimes]

Picture Source [zanda]