In the last couple of years, I started seeing a proliferation of hot pot restaurants around the San Francisco Bay Area, which, shouldn’t be all that surprising given the massive Chinese population out here. Hot pot is like a national past time in Asia, especially in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Basically, everywhere there is Chinese people, there is hot pot. Hence, that is why there is no hot pot in South Dakota, anywhere.

Hot pot restaurants are as ubiquitous as 7-Elevens in Taiwan, so the chances of finding a hot pot restaurant around the corner is higher than 49ers players retiring in the offseason(ouch).

One hot pot shop in Taipei has decided that boring ole single pots are for amateurs. Rather, if you aren’t going big, you better stay in the shower cause things are about to get messy. These geniuses has put together the world’s first four layer hot pot dinner. Check the video below to see what the hubbub is all about.

The owner, Chou Hsie-Hsing(周協興) spent years figuring out the mechanics of how to make this work. Essentially, you have a standard hot pot at the bottom, a grill and fryer in the middle, whereas at the very top, you have a steamer. Mechanically, the steam from the hot pot rises and is utilized as a catalyst for the rest of the cooking surfaces. Ultimately, you get this pretty rad contraption that has something for everyone at the table.

Sadly, this isn’t an all you can eat place(lord knows I love those). But, that isn’t going to stop me from checking this place out for the sheer novelty of it. If you find yourself on Nanjing East road, then it might be worth stopping by and getting some. Hell, they can’t stop you from getting just one plate of meat just to see this.

Shanghai in Alley (滬里弄堂)
Address 台北市中山區南京東路二段95號地下1樓
Tel 02-2521-6161

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