Trying to pick up the top souvenirs to bring back from Taiwan is like picking just two items off of the dollar menu. You’ll be better off not buying anytime in the first place. However, if you must, here are our picks for the four type of snacks you need to bring back with you. The best way to get to Taiwan? A weekend trip.

Pineapple Cakes from SunnyHills

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We have actually featured SunnyHills in one of our previous posts. It is a toss up between SunnyHills and Chia Te, but for the purpose of this article, our choice is still SunnyHills. The difference is that SunnyHills are made from real pineapple, hence, the cakes tend to be sour whereas Chia Te is sweeter. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any pineapple cakes. 

SunnyHills 微熱山丘鳳梨酥 
松山區民生東路五段36巷4弄1號 Taipei, Taiwan (map)
Price $18.50 USD / 10 pcs


Bride Cake from 新建成餅店

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With such an odd name, bride cakes are something of a gift staple in Taiwan. Traditionally, brides give out wedding pastries as gifts to families and friends. Personally, I rather take money, but hey, to each their own. The hottest place to get bride cakes right now is 新建成餅店 (pronounced xin jian chen ping dian), a totally nondescript in the Danshui district of Taipei. All the cakes are made without preservatives and come in variations that include egg yolk in the middle. 

公明街42號, 淡水區, 新北市 251, Taiwan (map)
Price: 150 NTD ($5 USD)


French Nougat from Sugar & Spice

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Personally, I really like these nougat candies. In fact, these sugar and spice french nougats were voted to be Asia’s best loved snacks, even beating out the macaroons from Laduree in Paris.  Granted that survey was done by people out in Taiwan, but it goes to show you how much people in Asia love these things.  These nougats are essentially milk candies with pieces of peanuts baked right in. The texture reminds me of laffy taffy, but the taste is a slightly nutty, sweet flavor that goes superbly well with tea.

糖村 Sugar & Spice
台北市大安區敦化南路一段158號 (map)
OR 台北市內湖區瑞光路470號 (map)
Price: 350 NT($11 USD)


Taiwanese Honey Layer Cakes from Amo Cakes

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Man oh man. We definitely loves our cakes here at Foodamentals and we do love Amo Cakes. You can find Amo Cakes in the Xinyi district of Taipei, right next to Taipei 101. These light, fluffy, honey inspired cakes are perfect as gifts, but even better when you hoard them yourself. Certain variations even come with a hint of lime and a sprig of excitement. For $9, I’m sure you can afford to pamper yourself a bit.

Amo Cakes / 阿默典藏蛋糕
新北市土城區忠承路113號 Taipei, Taiwan (map)
Price: 280 NTD  ($9 USD)


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