While we don’t write a whole ton of articles about Korea, we would be foolish if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that Korea has some damn good street food. As evidenced from our trip to Seoul last year, the whole country is like one huge world’s fair, stellar food at every turn. So, instead of us trying to tell you to stick with the Korean fried chicken and a bottle of Hite(cause you can do that yourself at Playground), we thought it would be more impactful if we told you the top 5 foods to get around one of Seoul’s (many) Universities.

According to Korean online publication Insight, here are the top 5, must eat/indulge foods at Konkuk University.

Cube Steak (큐브 스테이크)

Source Instagram

Steak in any form is stellar. In cubed form? This is what heaven must be like. Part spicy, part smokey, but all around… “cubey,” there’s no better street meat then the one that is going into your mouth. As such, make sure you stick this quadrilateral into a place that it is going to be properly enjoyed. At about 5,000 won(~$5 USD), one of the best beef deals ever.

BBQ Bread (불고기食빵)

Source online communities

The outside of soft and crispy whereas the inside is filled to the brim with roasted meat an cheese goodness. Sorry, had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard. One of the more popular filling is hamburger meat, so pick your poison.

3700 won(~$3.70 USD)

Waffle “Hot Dog” (띵똥 와플)

tasty_road_띵똥 와플

Source tasty road

Source tasty road

According to Google translate, this is actually known as a waffle ttingttong, which means absolutely nothing to me. But one thing I have learned in all of my years of travel is that anything that is shaped like a taco, is always going to be good. A waffle, folded in half and topped with whip cream and chocolate bits, I’m hyperventilating imaging how great this would be with some shabu shabu. Also comes topped with chocolate ice cream,  strawberry jam and yogurt ice cream. Wow.

1800 won(~$1.80 USD)

Cheese Potatoes (대왕치즈감자)

Source enmhee113 / Instagram

I’ve had something similar to this in Taipei so I’m not exactly surprised that its enjoyed by our brothers over in Korea. None the less, its cheese and potatoes, what else do you need in life?

4000 won(~$4 USD)

Devil’s Crepes (악마의 크레페)

Source joohyun222 / Instagram

Not content to be, you know, a regular, law abiding crepe. The Koreans had to go out and one up the rest of the world by making it a Devil’s crepe. Honestly, there’s nothing too devilish about this as its crepe with Gnutella. Gnutella is one of those things that could be smeared on cardboard and still be damn good.  What makes this crepe extra special is the fact that its wrapped with ice cream, whipped cream, fruit AND sponge cake. Its as if they took everything that is awesome and put it together. Certainly a strategy I should be emulating in all facets of my life.

3500 won($3.50 USD)

Source [insight.co.kr]