Police in Hsinchu, Taiwan rushed to the scene of an accident in which a truck carrying 500 watermelons inexplicably crashed on the Hsinchu bridge. The result – blood red water juice all over the highway. No doubt a contingency of aunties/ahjummas /grandmas threw their hands up in frustration as a lost opportunity for free watermelon just passed them by.


The watermelons ripped apart and spilled their sweet sweet nectar over two lanes at approximately 1am. Luckily, the driver only suffered a minor leg injury. But the 500 watermelons did not make it out unscathed. No word on how much insurance money was collected at the scene of the accident.

The reporter ends this story by declaring that he is desperate for some watermelon juice. Good to see that even the Taiwanese reporters have a sense of humor.

Source [shanghaiist] [appledaily]