We love food that makes us want to travel.

Foodamentals is comprised of a committed and passionate group of travelers, food lovers and amateur chefs. Our mission is to inspire people to look beyond the normal and get deeper into their food.

The founders are Jeff and Andy, two best friends who grew up together in the San Francisco Bay Area, out to see the world before we leave this floating space rock called Earth.  Our fascination with travel stems from the fact that we love photography, foreign cultures, and food.  Our travels have taken us to different countries around the world as well as unique experiences within Northern California. Even today, we constantly find new gems and nuggets that we are excited to share with our loyal readers.


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Andy Blake is an international professional photographer and avid traveler based out of San Francisco, Bay Area. He specializes in glamour, fashion, wedding, concert, and landscape photography. He has worked with numerous musicians and his work is prominently featured in print and online magazines. His passion for photography paired with his love for travel and food spawned the creation of Foodamentals where he can share his photos, news, experiences and tips on food from all around the world.

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Bitten by the travel bug in his late 20′s, Jeff has made it his life goal to see the world as much as he can. Despite only having 15 vacation days every year, his goal is to maximize that time as best as he can. He has traveled extensively across the United States to the tune of 42 different states as well as all around Southeast Asia. A native of Taiwan, he grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent the bulk of his career in enterprise technology before pursuing his passion for travel.


With multiple years in the travel and hospitality industry, Lonnie brings to Foodamentals her dedication and passion for understating how and what gets people excited. She has been a part of numerous innovating launches, disrupting events and landmarks within the hospitality industry and has consulted with major brands and services around the world.  She currently resides in San Francisco and enjoys writing about culinary delights.

Art Director


Colin hails from the island of Taiwan and has spent countless years refining his creative craft. A graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he enjoys the excitement of travel and the thrill of discovering new culinary insights. He is excited to bring his love and knowledge of Chinese cuisines to the Foodamentals team.



When not indulging herself in worldy cuisie, Vivian is a published author, recipe developer and amateur food photographer based out of San Francisco, California. Born and raised in Jakarta, Vivian was exposed to all sorts of cooking styles since she was little. Today, she continues to be on the lookout for interesting happenings in the culinary world that she shares with people all around the world.

Media Sales Associate


Samantha spends her days  dishing out honest reviews about food, restaurants and countries the she has had the pleasure of visiting. At Foodamentals, she believes in sharing her cooking disasters for the betterment of the world.

Contacting Us

For additional information or if you have some burning questions, you can reach us directly at hello@foodamentals.com.