We are a small, but dedicated team of food enthusiasts that would like nothing but rid the world of uninteresting and terrible food. At our core, we are a group of committed food lovers, travelers and amateur chefs who don’t consider ourselves foodies at all(actually, we hate that word). But we do like to think of ourselves as a pseudo group of non-teenage, non-mutant, fairly-ninja, quite possibly, turtles.

The founders are Jeff and Andy, two best friends who grew up together in the San Francisco Bay Area, out to see the world before we leave this floating space rock called Earth.  The fascination of food stems from travel and the fact that we don’t have any places to put our pictures online. Therefore, rather than pay the $1 a year for Google Drive to store our pictures, we thought it would be more fun throwing money into a WordPress site.

Our travels has taken us to countries all around the world and in doing so, we’ve tried so many different foods. We love for you to join us on our quest to find the best stuff this Earth has to offer.