We get there are flying enthusiasts out there, but there are people who decide to take it to the next level.  According to Chinatimes, an American woman departing from Hanoi and connecting through Taiwan, decided that she liked Taipei-Taoyuan airport too much that she didn’t get on her connecting flight back to the US. In the 3 days that she was seen hanging out at the airport, she played all of the free video games, listened to all of the free music at the airport and used up all the free wi-fi(just kidding on that last one). Damn, we need to party with her.

Authorities at the airport only noticed her presence when she didn’t leave the airport for three days straight. She slept on the terminal chairs when she was tired, browsed the free wi-fi when she got bored and ate at all of the different restaurants whenever she got hungry. What actually happened was that this woman didn’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket back to the US. So the US government bought her a return ticket. However, upon deplaning in Taipei-Taoyuan airport, she decided that she wanted to stay and asked the attendants at China Airlines to refund her the ticket’s value. It wasn’t till the authorities in Taiwan got a hold of someone in Washington that they finally got her back on a plane to the states.

Hey, I’ve had the beef noodle soup in Taipei-Taoyuan airport so I totally get it. The fact that there are showers and a Burger King under the same roof, one can make themselves at home at this badass place! Now, I wonder if she tried the beef noodle soup next to the Burger King.

Source [chinatimes]