File this under – Why the hell didn’t they think of this before.

If you’ve been an ardent follower of the Foodamentals blog(and who hasn’t), then you know that we’ve professed our love for beef noodle soup in so many different, possible, ways. However, just when you think the world has thought of everything, you wake up one day and realize… damn, I ain’t seen nothing yet. One plucky Chinese company has just unleashed the greatest invention known to Taipei weekend trip lovers everywhere.

Yes. That is a vending machine. Yes, it is serving beef noodle soup.

While I’m not to throw my undying loyalty to our machine overlords just yet, this could very well be the first step in admitting defeat. When a machine is able to serve a piping how bowl of beef noodle soup, well, then I fear for humanity’s future.

No word yet on when this will make it to stateside. But if there was one place that desperately needs it, it is New York City’s LaGuardia airport. At leas, this machine will make LaGuardia less of a third world country.

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