When I reached out to my Singaporean friend and asked him “Where do you go party when you go to Bangkok?”

“Best clubs are RCA and Supper Club – you will get home safe without being kinghit or raped, you will meet lots of pretty local girls, and its more classy than some of the really dodgy homie places.”


I don’t even know what kinghit means but RCA sounds awesome.


Getting to RCA

Accessible via a pedestrian-only road that’s littered along the way with clubs. It’s not close to any public transportation due to its “out in the boonies” location status. Your best bet is to hail a taxi.  And as a quick pregame or photo-op, ask your taxi driver to drive by the mass gathering of hookers en route to the club.

Positive Note: When we told the Banyan Tree Hotel bellhop our destination for the night, we could tell by his wide, sly crooked smile that our night of debauchery had just been blessed.

bangkok_rca_outdoors bangkok_rca_outdoor

We actually started off our night at Route 66 and ended it at Slim/Flix.  It was especially convenient since they were right next to each other. So once Route 66 started dying off, we just hopped over to Slim/Flix. Slim/Flix is actually two clubs connected together with each “club” acting as a seperate room with different music. One side played EDM and the other played hip hop. So they have something for everyone.

400 baht: includes admission and 2 complimentary drinks.

As a cheaper(and debaucherous) alternative when entouraging in a group of 4 or more, 1600 baht will get you a bottle of Hennessy and a table (for pansies, mixers are not included). The beauty of all of this: no tax nor tip! (So why not buy that slightly below average looking girl or guy a drink?)

bangkok_rca_theview2 bangkok_rca_theview

How to Party
For those accustomed to exclusive table service, there’s no elitism here in Thailand.  Everybody gets a table.  You can park your two Singhas proudly at your table, while sitting adjacent to a group with a table bearing Smirnoff bottles.  Don’t be mistaken, it ain’t “makin’ it rain” status though.   The tables are positioned fire-hazardly close to each other, so if you completely whiff talking to a group of girls to your right, mitigate the awkwardness by reorienting your drink to a conveniently placed bevy of girls to your left

If you have no rhythm or are still painfully unaware and dougie-ing at clubs, please STOP, but do not worry.  There is no dance floor at Thai clubs.  The locals are content standing around their own tables and swaying to the music in a manner reminiscent of middle-school dances.  Rarely did I see people venture out of their 1-foot apart opposite sex bubble to start mingling with other people.


The Ladies
Very nice looking crowd. The local girls are definitely much more attractive than the Soi Cowboy variety without the inherent guarantee of contracting an incurable souvenir. From our experience, most of the local girls did not speak English so it would be helpful if you had some Thai in your vocabulary. My best advice, leave your Grade A (or carefully rehearsed) wit at home, and be well-versed in the practice of big hand gestures.

Bathroom Surprise!
For guys, a word of advice before venturing into the bathrooms.  Do not instinctively kinghit the man who massages your shoulders and neck while you innocently relieve yourself at the urinal.  Customarily, that is the same man who will hand you a bathroom towel and mint when you’re done…that is if your urine did not halt mid-stream in sheer panic. Just be aware and try not to urinate on the guy next to you. However, if his hands meander down to your nether regions, then you’re on your own.

If you are traveling to Bangkok and are unsure of what clubbing clothes to pack, I recommend checking out Slim’s Facebook page to see what other people are wearing.  From what I saw, guy had the Banana Republic-esque vibe seen typical of Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Miami. As for shoes, as long as you aren’t rocking flip flops(and why would you do that in a club) sneakers or dress shoes are perfectly acceptable.  Look nice, cause the locals definitely are. The entire RCA strip is full of scantily clad (note: non-working) women in tight slinky dresses so you want to look your best.

If you are use to clubbing in any major US city, then you are going to feel right at home at any club in RCA.  If you are tired of seeing a bunch of prostitutes and just want to party, then I highly recommend RCA. Supposedly it gets pretty popping on Friday and Saturday night.  We went on a Monday night, and there were plenty of partiers who were not ashamed to show up to work hungover the next morning.

If you are a sex tourist, then you’re going to find its pretty tough out here since the partiers aren’t hookers. Trying to charm local girls by offering 3000 baht in exchange for “all night long fun” ain’t happening. They probably couldn’t understand you anyways.

For a more intensive writeup on RCA, check out this WikiVoyage article.

Route 66 RCA


48 ซอยศูนย์วิจัย ถนนพระราม9 บางกะปิ ห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพฯ 10310
Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Website http://www.route66club.com

Flix & Slim RCA
พระราม 9 ซอย 26
Huai Khwang, ห้วยขวาง
Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/slimbkk