With the 2018 summer season fast approaching, a lot of Taiwanese Americans will soon be making their food, clubbing and familial  pilgrimage back to Taiwan. As anyone can attest, the middle of summer is a terrible time to visit Taiwan unless you relish harboring a heat stroke and sweating through your khaki pants. Otherwise, everything is a-okay.

But in all seriousness, getting some Taiwanese shaved ice/shaved snow is the foremost  way to beat the oppressive heat. According to Elle magazine, here are the hottest(pun intended) ice spots you should be paying attention to all around Taiwan. Make sure you get your fix before your Ultra Boosts become more sweat bogged than a sauna towel.

Shiba Inu Ice[TAINAN]

First up, Hanamiwa Sweets in the Taiwanese street snack paradise – Tainan. Hanamiwa Sweets has been making waves across the Taiwanese food-o-sphere with it’s shiba inu shaped shaved ice that is equal parts cute and refreshing in one fell swoop. Shaved ice is just the tip of the iceberg with this local Tainan spot as they are fully stocked with matcha desserts spanning cakes, ice cream and of course, shaved ice. Scope out Instagram and see what else this creative spot is cooking up!

Hanamiwa Sweets // 花見宇治抹茶甘味処
FB @hanamiwasweets

Flaming Ice Mountain[TAIPEI]

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Ignoring the giggle inducing name, “I Want Ice So Much” should be known as “I Want to Instagram So Much” for its truly ‘grammable flaming ice dessert. The Taiwanese have always been known for their outrageous food flairs using ingredients that have no business coming together. But somehow, they always do.  The flaming ice known as White Mountain is only served at nice and comes in at a very reasonable 220 NT.

I Want Ice So Much // 好想吃冰 かき氷 / 日式蔬食 店家資訊
台北市大安區溫州街 80 號
FB @iwanticesomuch

Soy Bean Delight and MORE[NEW TAIPEI CITY]

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【?淡水站•朝日夫婦】 ?宇治金時 NT$180(紅豆餡、白玉、煉乳) ?藍莓優格 NT$160 ?季節限定奇異果 NT$160 – 因為朝日夫婦不定期店休,每次和友人約定好出遊淡水的日子又總是碰上店休?所以撲空了數次,只能說「終於吃到他了!」(位置要走到老街的最末端喔) – 這裡的老闆夫妻曾在沖繩定居,所以冰品也充滿沖繩的風情,每人低消是一份冰品,但冰的份量相當大,內心不想剩下卻還是完全吃不完?食材選用上很用心,有融入台灣在地食材,每日一款限定款,我們吃的奇異果相當清爽,但原本萬分期待,淋醬淋滿滿的濃稠抹茶,卻沒有我想像中表現的優秀,菜單上寫著「泡沫般輕盈的口感加上日本薄茶3.5倍的濃厚抹茶」,說口味像菜單上描述的濃郁誘人倒也稱不上,反而抹茶冰裡面帶有白玉餡料,像是挖寶一樣比較令我驚喜! – 但我覺得能在這間處處可見日式風情的小店待著,不知不覺就也跟著眼前的淡水海景放慢了步調,還有抹茶淋醬的畫面,也紮實的療癒到內心了?難怪他能躍升成為淡水人氣冰店呀! – 圖一後面的神專業影片? @leochan_kh 大馬男神支援········································ ?地址:台北市淡水區中正路233-3號 ?營業時間:12:00-20:00(不定期店休會於臉書公告,出發前務必查看粉專查詢)

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If you enjoy a seaside view and you like shaved ice then consider making a trek out to New Taipei City’s Danshui district for the ultimate in seaside shaved ice. Kakigori infuses molecular techniques to make their matcha toppings extra foamy, slathering that foam on top of Okinawan style shaved ice. The Okinawan black honey with soybean powder topped with condensed milk is another favorite for people who make the trek out here to enjoy the seaside town. Matcha foam on ice is 180 NT whereas the black honey soybean is only 140 NT.

Kakigori // 朝日夫婦 店家資訊
新北市淡水區中正路233-3號1樓[1st floor] FB @asahihuuhu

Edible Mt. Fuji[TAOYUAN]

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If you are like me and never actually climbed Mt. Fuji, eating this Mt. Fuji’s shaved ice should make you feel just as accomplished. If anything you can wordsmith your experience to impress your friends back home. On Twitter, everybody is a winner.

The blue coloring is comprised of a French style blue citrus juice slathered onto the top of shaved ice. Condensed milk is added to the top as a snowy effect and the bottom is mochi. Very pretty for 120 NT and close to the TPE airport(relatively speaking).


Thai Tea Ice[TAIPEI]

One can argue you can get thai ice tea flavored desserts without actually going to Thailand. This version from Cheevit Cheeva Taipei blends the flavors of Chiang Mai into a small mountain of milky ice enveloping a small oasis of grass jelly on the inside. The side of boba is a nice touch for the true connoisseur. 220 NT

Cheevit Cheeva Taipei // 奇維奇娃
FB @CCVTaipei

Pearl Milk Tea Ice [TAIPEI]

Chun Mei is maxing out our love for sweet boba balls by taking shaved ice to the galaxy limits! You get two types of chewy pearls to roll around in your mouth. Topped off with some sesame style pudding. This stuff is bound to make your mouth orgasm in ways its never done. Yes, we went there. 130 NT

Chun Mei // 春美冰菓室

Taiwan 18 Cream ICE [NEW TAIPEI CITY]

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Mr. Snow does ice right. If you are looking for more of a traditional take on shaved ice, then Mr. Snow will treat you like their long lost child.  Girls go wild over the tartness of the raspberry iceberry ice made from strawberries, cranberries and yogurt.  If not, there’s always the cream version with boba balls on the side. Hey, there are worse ways to spend a lazy Sunday.

Mr.雪腐 公館店
FB @Mr雪腐-公館店

Grass Jelly and Shaved Ice[Taichung]

If shaved ice isn’t your thing then consider getting some grass jelly dessert that the San Francisco Bay Area is going ga-ga over right now. The version here is topped off with a scoop of ice cream and accompanied by a mini slate of taro ball/yam ball desserts. All-in-all, a one stop shop for multiple desserts in one sitting.

神仙草 // Shen Xian Chao
FB @godlike1019

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