Unlike cryptocurrency, fidget spinners and tickle me Elmos, boba/bubble drinks have consistency shown they have unprecedented staying power. Every week the internet is awash with a couple of new boba shops cropping up somewhere in the Bay Area. In what is an apparent f-u to business classes everywhere, these new shops are simply replacing the previous(now defunct) boba shop that sits there. The circle of life never ends. Hence, it is refreshing to see something different every now and then. Even if it is a pretty far fetched idea like this one from Foodie Star, a restaurant out in Chiayi City.

At a glance this nondescript restaurant looks like it is located at the intersection of blah and boring. But upon closer inspection, Foodamentals’ editors have determined that Foodie Star should be the new epicenter of boba culinary innovation. I mean what else are we going to do during our lunch hours if we aren’t busy awarding imaginary distinctions?

Introducing the dessert pizza by Foodie Star. A creamy, cheesy pizza topped off with an unimaginable amount of boba, just enough to satisfy the boba lovers in all of us. The guys over at walkerland describe this pizza as a blend of savory and sweet with the cheese balancing out the sweetness of the pearls.  One might question why didn’t they use condensed milk instead of the cheese? Well, thats a business idea for you to tackle in a boba shop of your own. I know of a place that just became available in Fremont. Email me.

As for the visual presentation… Well, I can’t say I’m a fan, but if you love boba, then you’ll be able to look paste the questionable presentation.

Coming in at 149 NT(~$4.25 USD) its not expensive. So if you are ever in Chiayi City on your way to Alishan, then it maybe worthwhile to stop on by for some really instagrammable foods.

Additionally, Foodie Star also dabbles in red bean(azuki beans) dessert pizza too if the boba isn’t floating your boat.


NAME Foodie Star / 食儻生活料理坊
 No. 453, Lanjing St, West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan / 嘉義市蘭井街453號 (map)
TEL 05-2293919
FACEBOOK @foodiestar

Sources [walkerland, Foodie Star, pixnet] All Pictures from ma16zaq2000.pixnet.net