Since the beginning of time mankind has been drawn to fire. Now when you take that fire and add a hulking piece of meat onto it, you got yourself a tailgate – which also draws a lot of mankind.

Website,, recently released their list of the 10 best Tokyo restaurants to get your fill of meat sushi, otherwise known as nikuzushi(肉寿司). What is meat sushi you ask? It is basically cuts of amazing quality beef(wagyu, kobe etc) served raw over a bed of sushi rice. In the United States where raw fish on rice is still a novelty in the majority of the country, I’ve rarely ever seen this meat sushi in action. But, if you do have a chance to try it, you need to do it. Japanese beef is renowned for their marbling and fat content. The meat is so good and clean that most people have no qualms eating it raw(or slightly cooked). What makes this meat sushi even more delicious is the decadent topping that accompanies the sushi. Uni, caviar and other sea creatures are used to add a level of ridiculousness that simply doesn’t exist here in the United States. Given the low price of travel this year, a Tokyo trip could very well be in the works for Team Foodamentals.

We’ve condensed the list below and threw in a bunch of mouth watering pictures. For the detailed list, head on over to to take a look!



BBQ (焼肉うしごろ)
Address 東京都港区西麻布2-24-14 Barbizon73 1F
The meat is so long that you can’t even see the rice.


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Nakagu-Ju (にくがとう)
Address 東京都中央区日本橋堀留町1-6-7 1F・2F
Not just meat sushi, but also sukiyaki and yakiniku. With so many options, why go anywhere else?


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Address 東京都文京区湯島3-35-10 ソシアル広小路ビル 2F
GROW’s western-style decor is here to dazzle but the food is legit.


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Tokyo Garden (東京苑)
Address 東京都目黒区中町2-38-28 鈴木ビル1F
Yes! Yes and more Yes! This spot is a yakiniku shop but the meat sushi is a must.


Tachiyuki (もつ吉)
Address 東京都杉並区上荻1-10-4 廣瀬ビル1F
Don’t be put off with the whole raw-meat-is-dangerous concept. Trust me when I say that you’ve never had anything this decadent or delicious in your life. With a slight dash of sweet soy sauce on the top, this piece of meat sushi is light years ahead of anything here in the United States.


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Noguni R (格之進R)
Address 東京都港区六本木7-8-16 小河原ビル2F
Is there anything more glorious than this? There is never enough uni or beef in my life. This place makes up for it.


今日は恵比寿。 #恵比寿 #ebisu #まろまろ庵

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Feather 金の京和食 京都ぎおん まろまろ庵 羽重
Address 〒1500021 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西2-17-5 サンビレッジ代官山B1
A5 wagyu beef is the cut of choice for this meat sushi.


焼肉酒家李苑です。 夜営業スタートです! ありがたいことに本日も多くのご予約を頂いておりますが、時間帯によってお席ご案内できますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください! スタッフ一同たくさんのご来店お待ちしてます! 写真は当店自慢の肉寿司「お寿司のエンペラー」 焼肉酒家李苑の御予約は、こちらから!! #新宿 #歌舞伎町 #和牛 #新宿ホルモン #新宿焼肉 #新宿ランチ #宮崎牛 #短角牛 #神戸牛 #shinjjuku #kabukicho #yakiniku #wagyu #koubegyu #tannkakugyu #miyazakigyu #rien #sinookubo #肉 #焼肉 #大久保 #肉寿司 #ランチ #ディナー #すき焼き #お肉 #japanbeef #lunch #dinner #カンビーフ

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Yakiniku Restaurant  Li Yuen
Address 〒1600022 東京都新宿区新宿5-18-16 shinjuku5-1ビルB1
Sushi with sea urchin and caviar. ’nuff said


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Beef Shingu 牛弁慶
Address 東京都港区新橋3-18-7 桃山ビル1F
These guys not only do beef right, but if you are angling for some horse meat, they got it here too.


Address 〒1500021 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-10-3
Specialties include truffle meat sushi and meats topped with uni. Yeah baby yeah.


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