“I can’t wait to go to Yoshinoya for some authentic Japanese food”

                                                                                                                                                   – no one, ever

Well, except for this guy. Apparently he liked the beef bowls so much that he gave Yoshinoya 4 out of 5 stars.

Here in the US, Yoshinoya is not a brand that gets typically associated with quality, quantity or any other q’s for that matter. Yoshinoya is a quick serve, fast food restaurant, that is meant to be bring the taste of Japanese beef bowl to the American population. For what Yoshinoya typically charges, it is actually okay food. But, like most people living in the San Francisco bay area, I won’t go out to my way to buy a Yoshinoya beef bowl when I have much better options available.

If by chance you are visiting Japan, Yoshinoya’s presence in Japan(and Asia for that matter) is night and day compared to what we have in the US. Frankly, I don’t know what happened when the concept was conceived for the US market. But I can imagine the conversation going along the lines of “let’s make the experience as downtrodden and styrofoamy as we can, because that’s what the Americans want.” Rather, take a look at the impressive and appetizing presentation that Andy and I experienced at the Yoshinoya in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.

Curry bowl served with a side of dignity.

Curry bowl served with a side of dignity in Tokyo.

Even at a sister restaurant at Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Yoshinoya feels like a legitimate restaurant.

Curry plate.

Curry plate in Bangkok.

In both instances, you are given real silverware, bowls and plate. In multiple locations around Tokyo, complimentary hot tea was served and table tops were promptly cleaned as soon as we were finished. It felt more like a real restaurant rater than a quick serve chain.

But hey, what do we care. At least we have the familiar and trusty US Yoshinoya beef bowl. Yummy.

Typical US Yoshinoya(image courtesy of Yelp.com)


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