Get ready! The popular Taiwanese soup dumpling (xiao long bao) chain, Din Tai Fung, will soon open it’s first Northern California location inside Santa Clara’s Westfield Valley Fair mall. While originally slated to open in Fall 2015, construction delays forced the opening back to Spring 2016. Last week, Westfield representatives confirmed that the world-renowned restaurant is in the final phase after passing all inspections, and anticipates to open, May 1st, 2016 (but could open as early as mid-April).

In the meantime, while DTF is in the process of hiring and training their staff, here are some things to expect from the new location:

  •  The 8,500 square-foot space will seat estimated 200 people. Better start lining up now.
  • The restaurant is hiring bartenders. If this branch is anything like the The Americana at Brand location, there will be a full bar offering beer, wine, traditional and Asian-style cocktails. There’s already an island bar in the upstairs food court, so why not? It only makes your shopping experience more fun.bartender-school
  • The Valley Fair location will also have Boba Baristas to create boba and slush drinks for the non-alcoholics. They can probably make some alcoholic boba slushy concoction for all you undercover alcoholics. We’re not judging.din-tai-fung-boba-tea
  • Go shopping while you wait for a table. The Americana branch gives the option of leaving your mobile number down so you can receive a text message once your table becomes available. It is in the Silicon Valley after all. All new trendy hotspots needs some kind of innovative tech feature.

The salivating question is, will DTF Valley Fair carry the delicious truffle flavor soup dumplings, colorful assorted soup dumplings, and the special Kung Fu Panda buns (currently only available in Australia for a limited time)? Only time can tell.

Hopefully, these Bay Area soup dumpling spots will hold you off while we wait patiently for the grand opening: FOOD CHALLENGE: BEST SOUP DUMPLINGS (小籠包) IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.