This is probably not the first time, nor will it be the last that when creativity is given free reign, weird food shit prevails. Albeit, in a really cool way.

According to the lunar calendar, the month of August is “ghost month” in Taiwan. Without getting into the supernatural and cultural piece of it(thats what wikipedia is for), quick thinking entrepreneurs in Chiayi, Taiwan are getting into the spirit of things by coming up with these pretty realistic looking flour biscuit snacks.

Google translate calls these treats “nine finger blame” biscuits, which makes absolutely no sense. Regardless, the almonds at the tip of the “fingers” do make for pretty realistic looking finger nails.

Revelers have gone on to say these biscuits are actually pretty tasty. For 60 NT(~$2 USD), you can try these yourself if you just happen to find yourself in the neighborhood.

Source [tvbs]