Taiwanese fried chicken steak has been done to death on social media and if you think otherwise, here is exhibit A, B C and D. It makes me wonder what is next? How can you improve upon this crunchy, salty, oily perfection that permeates all aspect of your being? There’s nothing that can be done that is going to blow my min…

Oh shit.

Mind blown.

?台北市 忠孝新生站 ?轟炸雞排 ▫椒鹽起司雞排$75 – 已經紅很久的轟炸雞排最近又被燒到不行 我們三點去領號碼牌時就要等45分鐘了~ 之後去拿雞排後面都要等超過一個小時,一定要三點前或是三點去領號碼牌然後如果等很久附近有樂法可以買飲料在裡面坐著等唷~ #椒鹽起司雞排 雞排麵衣是傳統的那種薄薄酥脆外皮,雞排醃製的味道很好吃!即使裡面有包起司肉還是很juicy的~起司是焗烤起司那種,整體真的滿好吃的?記得趁熱吃才會拉出長長起司?獲得一致認同的好吃雞排 ???#naina食記小吃篇 ?大地標請看這兒??#naina吃忠孝新生 謝謝美麻豆 @sasa_finger_licking 不怕燙手模 @kaohsiung_dacodie – ???? ?地址:台北市中山區新生南路一段12巷 ?捷運忠孝新生站4號出口步行5分鐘 ⌚營業時間:12:00-14:00;15:00至賣完 ⚠週日公休⚠ ☎電話:(02)2591-0843

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Well I’ll be damned. Located off in an alleyway near Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, Blaze Hotdogs(光華商場) sells some of the crispiest Taiwanese fried chicken in Taipei. Despite its very confusing name, Blaze Hotdogs(which, ironically does not sell hotdogs) has been raging across Taiwanese social media with its cheese infused chicken steak and making blog readers really really hungry.

The shop itself has been around a bit. Even though the location is notoriously difficult to find, revelers have been making the trek and lining up before opening time in hopes of getting one of the store’s famous cheesy chicken. I mean just look at this thing. Its big, its crunchy and the cheese is stringier than raclette when it hit NYC. The point is, the cheese in this chicken isn’t some half ass pre-packaged slices of American cheese from Safeway. It’s gobs and gobs of thick American cheese that is distributed all around the chicken so you get some impressive stringiness.

There are over 20 different types of fried chicken to choose from. The menu is only in Chinese so be sure to power on your Google translate or else you’ll be pointing to things you don’t like. Prices are really really reasonable and fall between 70 and 80 NT which amounts to a shade over $2 USD for each big piece. Be sure to leave your mark by submitting a photo of yourself to the shop. Maybe you’ll end up with all the other photos that they’ve collected through the years.

Either get here early in the morning or after 3pm as the shop is closed from 12 to 3. But prepared to wait in line as all things trendy in Taiwan requires you to be as patient as this dog.

Address 台北市中正區新生南路一段12巷
Facebook @轟炸雞排

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