If you ever find yourself struggling for the oh-so-perfect gift for your beloved, nothing says “I like/love you” then some macarons, one of the trendiest foods in the last couple of years.  Sure, we can get all fancy pantsy and order a set from famed Parisian bakery Laduree, or we can go the cheap route and make them by hand. But, if you are trying to go for broke, then you need to get your ass over to Japan, put on some major weight and join a sumo stable.

I’m not sure when this tradition started, but if you scour through sumoforum.net’s, ahem, forums. You will find these giant macarons offered as prizes in tournaments for the last two years.  The green macaron is a Pierre Herme edition, a famous bakery in Paris that often is pitted against Laduree by netizens. Not being a macaron connoisseur, I can’t tell if that makes it more special than a penis waffle with gold flakes, but I would imagine it would be close.

The macarons are  given to the runner up of the tournament. So rather than cash, a car, or anything useful, the runner up gets to take this giant macaron and subsequently, try and take it onto the plane as a carry on.

I guess its not so bad, seeing as how the third place “winner” get a year supply of… plums and some other winner gets a shitload of shiitake mushrooms. I don’t know where/how they will find a fridge big enough to keep these plums from going bad. But, I don’t ever foresee I’ll ever have this kind of first world problems.


From the look on the sumo guys’ face, he must be thinking.

“not this shit again.”

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