We are pretty fortunate given that we live in the United States. It is one of the most diversed countries in the world, so finding a flavor that suits everyone’s taste buds is quiet easy. United States is also no stranger to creating new dishes. It seems like every few days, a new restaurant or food truck pops up with an unique fusion dish; Sushirrito, Donut Ice Cream Sandwich, Cronuts. So when we heard about Sia Fusion Eatery and their bulgogi cheesesteak, we had to go and give it a whirl.


Sia Fusion Eatery
39263 Cedar Blvd
Newark, CA 94560
Yelp Review

This little spot is very lively even though it’s somewhat tucked away in the corner on the opposite side of a Lion Supermarket. They serve everything from burgers & fries, to sushi, to even silk worm larva! The great thing about this restaurant is that it is open late night, until 2AM, so it’s the perfect place to go to after some bowling. Having arrived at 6:30PM, the place was already full, but luckily we got there just before the rush.


One of the most beloved dish in Korea is the Seafood Pancake (hae mul pa jeon – 해물파전). We love a good Korean Seafood Pancake chalk full of scallions (or green onions), squid, octopus and oysters fused inside batter that is lightly fried until it gets a nice golden color.


Keep in mind, the menu is somewhat barebone. There are no pictures and not everything on the menu has a description. If you’re not sure what a dish is exactly, or you just want to know what ingredients are in the dish, you better ask. Even with that said, we decided to be adventurous and order the Andy’s Fries without asking what it was. How bad can fries be? Especially, with an awesome name like Andy. ;).


Andy’s Fries is a large helping of fries topped with Korean BBQ Beef (bulgogi – 불고기) and melted cheese. Their thick cut fries has a hint of shrimp chips flavor. Delicious! The order comes with a spicy, savory Gochujang sauce (고추장), most notably used with Bi Bim Bap (비빔밥). A perfect pairing.


Their soy garlic chicken wings are not really worth mentioning. They are mediocre at best. It was somewhat sweet and savory, but there wasn’t enough batter used to give it the crunchiness you come to expect from Korean chicken wings.


Let’s get down to what we really went there for; the Bulgogi Cheesesteak. Sia Fusion took a classic Philly Cheesesteak and replaced the fillings with Korean BBQ Beef with carmalized onions, melted provolone cheese, and fresh lettuce served on a sweet toasted french roll and a side of their thick cut fries.


The sandwich comes with a mountain high of bulgogi. The sweetness of the caramelized onions was a bit overbearing, but I’ve never been a person to handle too much sugar. The lettuce and bread helped balance out the taste a bit by soaking up the sweet marinated flavor from the carmalized onions. I can’t imagine scuffing down that massive pile of sweet bulgogi in one sitting without rice or bread. Overall, the sandwich was good, but not to-die-for. With the large portion of food that can easily serve two and priced at only $8.99, I can see the mass appeal of this place, especially for a quiet city like Fremont/Newark. Though the food is nothing special, I wouldn’t mind coming back to try their spam kimchi roll or maybe even the silk worm larva.