In the history of food/mankind, we’ve seen some pretty stellar fusion foods. With Kogi, we saw the majesty that is Korean bulgolgi and Mission burritos coming together to form the sort of bliss, only your tongue would understand(that sounds so wrong, yet… so right). Curry up now takes the same concept, but instead of Korean food, Indian food takes its place. Then of course, we have the head scratchers that makes you wonder.. WTF are people thinking.

Case in point:  王者之蚵(King Oyster), an ice cream parlor located in Changhua County, Taiwan, has taken this fusion business to unprecedented new heights.

Changhua County in central Taiwan is known for its abundance of fresh and freakishly large oysters. Hats off to these brave oysters as they give their lives to be part of our delicious, delicious oyster omelettes that I dearly love. But I digress…

Just last year, an enterprising dessert shop thought it would be a fantastic idea to promote the local oyster delicacies by blending it with what the shop does well – desserts. Hence, the concept of pearl oyster ice was born. Essentially, shaved/snow ice that is topped off with some locally sourced oysters.

The owner proudly exclaims that this dessert blends both sweet and savory flavors together for a mind blowing experience. I can think of something else that is blowing up and its not the brain.  Other purveyors of this establishment have referenced that “it is like the freshness of the sea mixed with the sweetness of shaved ice.” To them I say – to each their own.

While the idea of promoting local things and melding it stuff that people do well usually works out well. I can’t help but think “da fuct is this guy smoking?”

 彰化縣芳苑鄉博愛村芳漢路王功段615號 / 528, Taiwan, Changhua County, Fangyuan Township, 芳漢路王功段615號
Tel: 04-8936665
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