Making the trek out to Disney World Resort in sweltering hot Orlando is a magnificent treat. I personally think that everyone and their moms should make that trip out there at least once in their lifetime. Does it beat out a weekend trip to Taipei? Probably not. But I would say its a close 3rd or maybe high-4th on my all time favorites list.


While Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a badass place to relive your youth(or for us less fortunate, a desperate attempt for youth), what surprised me the most was its selection of decently tasty snacks that keeps even the most ardent food-lover satisfied. As the person in the above photo can attest, its hard to put the spoon down at the Magic Kingdom cause there’s always so much damn food around you. But hey, thats a good problem to have, unlike this guy.

So what better way to really emphasize that fact than making our picks for the must-eat/must-savor snacks at the park? Yes, I do realize there are more than one park at the Walt Disney World resort. But when its 95 degrees with 100 % humidity, fuck it.

Dole Whip

DSC03665 DSC03666 DSC03670

Where: Aloha Isle @ Adventureleand

The blog-o-sphere is going crazy over this treat and I had to think long and hard before diving into this. I mean, on the outside it looks like froyo, which is the same shit you can buy at Pinkberry or any of the other knock off shops that you find at 99 Ranch shopping centers. On the other hand, this stuff is made with delicious, fruity and oh-so-nice pineapple. While its easy to say any ice cream is good when your boxer shorts are sticking to your inner thighs(thanks Florida humidity), I can honestly say this is one of the best soft serve I have ever put in my mouth.  There is even a Pinterest Board dedicated to this awesome dessert.

Pot Roast Mac-and-Cheese

DSC03528 DSC03529 DSC03535 DSC03531 DSC03542

Part mac and cheese, part meat, but all in all, frickin delicious. If you are anything like me, you would go into this bad boy with one, maybe two, eyebrows raised. But I can attest, this combination is downright golden. The juice from the tender pot roast just seeps into the mac and cheese and creates this taste orgasm that is downright illegal in most countries. When Singapore decided that chewing gum should be illegal, they must have mistyped and really meant to put this pot roast mac and cheese in their Constitution. Because, the taste of this concoction has the potential to end marriages.

Where: The Friar’s Nook @ FantastyLand

Mickey Ears (Kids)Ice Cream

DSC03632 DSC03625

I mean, you gotta right? For christ’s sake, it has chocolate Mickey Mouse ears! Don’t do what we did, which is to buy two cones, because the sweltering Florida sun will melt it faster than Cassie’s career. As you enter the park, this will be one of the first ice cream shops greeting you. My recommendation is come back here at around 5pm when your sunburn has properly set.

Where: Plaza Ice Cream Parlor @ Main Street U.S.A.