Mapo tofu visually looks like this:

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But did you know it can also look like this?

The shizzle?

That’s right,in Asia, you can order your mapo tofu in pizza form. No more having to deal with inconvenient utensils such as a spoon and/or chopsticks, no sir ree. Instead, we can now take it in the food format that Westerns love – “to go.”

The mapo tofu pizza is offered as part of the menu from Sojourner Cafe in Kaohsiung City Taiwan.  Sojourner specializes in Taiwanese style cafe foods, which is a collection of pastas, pretty desserts and sandwiches. Like many other Taiwanese cafe restaurants, presentation and cultinary creativity plays a big part in its schtick.

The Szechuan style mapo tofu pizza is comprised of bean paste crust, ground pork and peppercorn all loaded up with a spicy blend of tofu and spices. All in all, the fusion is blowing our minds and I’m willing to put $50 bucks that this isn’t coming to the United States anytime soon.

Source kh.inmap

Source kh.inmap

If you are ever in Southern Taiwan, be sure to stop on by and furrow your brow as your taste buds are confused by what your eyes are seeing.

Name Sojourner Cafe 蝸居咖啡
Address 高雄市鼓山區裕誠路1035號(map)
Phone +886 7 555 2530
Hours 11am – 10pm

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